Changes Around the Office

While you may notice a lot of changes around the office, we assure you the model of patient care created by Dr Bob and Dr Peg will never change.  Patient care has always come first, and it always will.  That doesn’t mean some changes aren’t fun!  For starters, the office looks a bit different.  In 2020 during the shutdown, Dr Bob did some construction to maximize safety during the pandemic.  You will notice the operatories are a bit more closed off, and each one has its own HEPA filter.  We also got new flooring, fresh carpet in the lobby and center of the office, and wood laminate in our operatories, bathrooms, and lab.  We also updated our old wallpaper, you will notice a bit of sparkle and glam around!  You may see the artwork updating periodically, and lots of fun holiday decorations!  Also, we have a new logo, and all staff now wear matching uniforms with their names embroidered.  We have a  new sign installed outside, and new business and appointment cards.  You will also notice new faces around the office.  Or at least new eyes, since we are all wearing masks and you can’t see our whole faces LOL!.   These crazy times have meant a lot of changes in people’s lives, and we had some retirements, moves, and changes of careers amongst our staff.  The bright side of this is we had room to welcome new members of our office family. They have been wonderful additions and you will love meeting them!  No matter how much the things you can see change, the things that you can’t see like caring, honesty, integrity and trust, are the foundations of our practice and we will never ever change!!!!