Teeth Whitening

The bleaching system we provide at our office is a home bleaching program.

In-office bleaching treatments, while fast, can make teeth incredibly sensitive and are quite expensive. Our home whitening system is safer, less expensive, and more convenient because you can bleach whenever you want! The custom fitted trays are easy to use and only need to be worn for 15 minutes a day for 1-2 weeks, then touch ups as needed!

The cost of our tray system is $260 and includes: mouth impressions and models, upper and lower bleach trays, 10 tubes of 35% professional strength whitening gel, a tube of MI paste for sensitivity, a case, and an instructional appointment with the doctor to review the bleaching process and answer any questions. Each tube of bleach lasts 4-5 days so the initial 10 last quite a while. Extra refill tubes are only $7 so once you have invested in the initial trays, keeping a bright white smile is simple and inexpensive!