Crowns & Bridges

A crown or “cap” is a full coverage restoration that protects a weak tooth from fracture or wear.

Some reasons a tooth may need a crown are poor structure, weak enamel, a large filling that is failing, or small cracks that cause tooth sensitivity and pain to chewing. Also teeth that have root canals often require a crown afterward to help support the weakened tooth. A bridge is done to replace a missing tooth by crowning the teeth on either side, with a “fake” tooth in between. Although dental implants are our preferred way to replace missing teeth, a porcelain bridge is sometimes the best option when an implant is not possible. We use the latest digital technology to take our crown and bridge impressions. After the tooth is prepared, a digital scan is taken with our iTero scanner and sent to our laboratory. No uncomfortable goopy impressions are needed! Today’s crowns and bridges are “metal-free” made of solid porcelain that is incredibly strong and lifelike.