Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling and root planning is better known as a “deep cleaning”.

It is not just a teeth cleaning, but is a medical treatment to treat periodontitis, aka “gum disease”.  Gum disease happens when bacteria accumulate below your gumline, leading to bleeding gums, loss of bone, loose teeth, pain, and even tooth loss. Often these bacteria have been allowed to grow because excessive plaque and hard “calculus” have built up under the gums. This can happen if you have not had regular teeth cleanings to prevent this build up.  Gum disease is more prevalent in smokers, and also can run in families. When you have a deep cleaning, your hygienist will anesthetize(“numb”) your mouth and carefully and thoroughly remove the build-up below your gums and disinfect the gum pockets. This is done using specialized hand tools meant to clean below the gum as well as state of the art ultrasonic cleaning tools. Without local anesthesia this can be uncomfortable, so the treatment is done in 2 appointments so one half of the mouth can be treated at a time.

Laser gum pocket therapy is an important part of the deep cleaning, and we include it at no extra fee in all scaling and root planings. It is extremely important that you follow your hygienist’s oral hygiene instructions to have the very best home care to have the best result. Also, after a deep cleaning, you must come in to see your hygienist for maintenance cleaning appointments regularly to prevent the bacteria from re-accumulating and leading to needing another “deep cleaning”.