Flouride Treatments

We recommend topical fluoride varnish treatments for all our patients under the age of 18 after every teeth cleaning.

Flouride is a safe effective way to harden the “outer shell” of teeth. It can even reverse early cavities before they need to be restored. We also recommend in-office fluoride treatments for adults with high risk of tooth decay. In high risk individuals, we often prescribe Prevident, a prescription fluoride gel that is applied at home and helps prevent cavities, reducing need for more involved and expensive restorative dental work! In the most high risk cases, we recommend custom fluoride trays, using either Prevident, or MI paste. MI paste is a product called Recaldent that replaces lost calcium and protein from tooth enamel. Recaldent is made using milk protein and cannot be used by patients with a milk protein allergy. One last fluoride product we use in our office is Silver Diamine Fluoride. In certain cases, Silver Diamine Fluoride can be applied to cavities and stop the decay process. It is also used to treat sensitivity.