The office has gone to the dogs!

As you have already probably figured out, our office dogs are a huge part of our practice.  On any given day, you may be greeted from anywhere from one to three of our office dogs!  Dr Jackie got her love of dogs from Dr Bob, and their dogs have always been part of the family.  Dr Jackie’s English Mastiff, Lucy, was our original office dog.  She occasionally would come to the office when there was a day she would have been alone at home. Dr Bob loved the idea so he started occasionally bringing his Labrador Retrievers Max and Maggie.  After Lucy and Maggie crossed the rainbow bridge, Dr Bob didn’t want Max to be lonely so he started bringing him every day to work.  Max has also now crossed over the rainbow bridge, but our patients and staff fondly remember him wandering into the room during their appointment, looking for petting! When Dr Jackie got her black Lab Gilly, she started bringing her to work too. Gilly now comes to work with Dr Jackie every day! Gilly loves greeting every patient at the front desk, and she is known to come into the treatment rooms and give kisses, or find someone in the waiting room to play fetch with her! Dr Bob and Sue’s new yellow lab Finn is Gilly’s half brother. Finn loves coming to work greeting patients and playing with his canine friends!  Our patients love having the dogs here, and we hear all the time how they help calm fears, soothe anxiety, and just overall make coming to the dentist a better experience! Some patients make requests to be sure the dogs are there for their appointment. We love having them and office dogs are here to stay!!